The Refined People’s Assembly (Grace & Mercy Chapel), was founded by Daddy-Ken and Jennifer A. Bitere under the Daddy-Ken Ministries on February 10, 2010 with a mandate to bring transformation to this generation via the teaching of the word of God.

The Refined People’s Assembly is a home to stay and worship, a place where everyone is somebody and a place where lives never escape breakthroughs. It is a place to experience total transformation by encountering Jesus. It is a place where you can trust God for the ruler you are meant to be and fulfill God’s purpose in your life. A place where a person with no church background can come and feel comfortable and enjoy the service because the atmosphere will be friendly. The sermons are always practical, biblical and relevant. The music is awesome and upbeat with a praise team and full band.

A church that is fun for the entire family, a church where kids want to go because they have a great time experiencing God’s love. A church that builds families, a church that helps every member find their ministry and lets them use their gifts and abilities to meet other’s needs.

We believe the church is at her best when the doors are open to all of who have an interest in learning about the Christian faith. Wherever you are on your Christian journey, regardless of where you fall on the deep questions of faith, our church is open to you as we have a “come as you are” atmosphere. In this house, you will find a friend. And here, Jesus is the message.

We teach and God makes!


Bringing transformation to the globe.


  • To help men and women discover God’s plan and purpose for their lives, and bring them to the place of prominence which is God’s intention for them.
  • To refine men and bring revival to the body of Christ via the Word of God.
  • Preaching and teaching God’s word with demonstration of power for total transformation.
  • Preparing men for the second coming of Jesus and making Jesus Lord of every family.
  • Building and raising generational leaders.


The standard The Refined People’s Assembly uses in measuring how well her mission is executed is the TREST spelt out as:

T – Teamwork (Genesis 11:1-6)

R – Righteousness (Proverbs 14:34)

E – Excellence (Daniel 1:8, 6:3-4)

S – Service (2 Kings 10:18, Luke 4:8)

T – Transformation (Romans 12:2)