The Force of Faith (Part 1) – Daddy-Ken A. Bitere

The Force of Faith (Part 1) - Daddy-Ken A. Bitere
Welcome again to our series on the FORCE OF FAITH. We hope to be an amazing blessing to you again this Sunday. Enjoy the study.
Recall that we have established that the people of old had faith in things. They used the things for God. Then, they could only reach God through things. They felt the power of God through things. They connected their faith to things. So for them, if there were no things, there was almost no God. They could only please God through things. But that was wrong and not pleasing to God according to Hebrews 10:1-6. Only through Jesus can anyone reach God according to John 14:6. Jesus speaking says that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life: No man goes to the Father except through Him. Now that means the Father cannot be pleased at any other’s presence more than the presence of Jesus. The writer of Hebrews in chapter 11:6 was only alluding to John 14:6 but then, he called the link between the Father and people as Faith. That means Faith is the Jesus that stands between the Father and the people.
That Jesus was what the old testament people did not know whom they referred to as Things. The Greek word for things is PRAGMATA or PRAGMA from PRASSO. That means faith in the action or authority of another. So what we need to ask is whose action or authority was going to validate their faith. Jesus was the Substance to validate their faith. That is why the Greek word for SUBSTANCE according to Hebrews 11:1 is hupostasis which means one that makes another real. What we need to establish then is what action of Jesus was going to make their faith real. Jesus answered that in Luke 24:25-27 referring to the scriptures that the Son of Man would die, be buried, and He will rise. Paul also reveals by the scriptures that Jesus was going to die, be buried and He will rise again in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. Do not forget that Scriptures refer to the old testament books; we have discussed that in our Word Afresh Service last Wednesday. That means, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus was foretold before it happen and that was going to validate the faith of the old testament people. Unfortunately, they did not live long enough to achieve that. Really, they were only foolish not to have understood the scriptures that was written at their time. Jesus Himself in Luke 24:25-27 called some fellows fools. The Greek word for that is anoetos meaning dull, hard to learn or slow to learn. It does not speak of people who do not know, but people who have refused to know deliberately. That means the old testament people could have known about Christ if they cared or wanted. Jesus said in Luke 24:25-27 that they were slow of heart to believe. The Greek word for believe is pisteuo which means faith in something. That is not to say Jesus meant just anything. Recall that He said in verse 27concerning himself. The Greek word for concerning is peri which speaks of a particular or specific subject matter. That means the entire scriptures (old testament) has only one subject matter which is Christ, which the old testament people refused to know because they were comfortable with things.
But now, faith has moved from things to a person and that is what Acts 17:28 is saying. But this Person called faith is only received via the Word well acknowledged as revealed in Romans 10:17 and Philemon 1:6 Faith (Jesus) is now in you as a Person.
Thanks for your time. Join us on Wednesday @5pm for another refreshing moment as we study God’s word. We love you for real. Enjoy your week.

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