Men of Honour

The ministry that brings all men: guests and members together to promote the knowledge of Jesus, the church and each other.

Refined Jewels

The ministry that brings all women: guests and members together to promote the knowledge of Jesus, the church and each other.

Refined Species

The ministry that brings all singles – male and female together to promote the knowledge of Jesus, the church and each other.

Excellent Kids

The ministry that brings all children of lower ages together to promote the knowledge of Jesus, the church and each other.

TREPA Campus Church

The church on Campus reaching out to students in the Refined Style.


To greet, receive and give members and guests a warm welcome and lasting positive impression about The Refined People’s Assembly.

De Seraphs

The company of angels in church composing songs, lifting the souls of men and popularising Jesus through good music.

The Hosts

To care for the comfort of our guests and members, and project a sense of decency and organization in all activities during service.

The Diplomats

To maintain an excellent order for an unforgettable experience in service and keep a memory of our hospitality in our guests and members.


To ensure the organized and successful hosting of programs, sharing of edibles and keeping the memory of a caring church in our guests and members.

The Porters

To keep a clean and appreciable atmosphere for worship and project the decency, cleanliness and usability of every item within and around the church.


To conduct cars and impute orders to car parks for the convenience of our guests and members.


To assure our guests and members of safety and security, and leave them the consciousness of a system that cares about the protection of lives and properties.


The ensure the accountability and smooth running of the ministry through financial aids and otherwise.

Evangelism & Outreach

To reachout to the lost, establish ministries and make disciples of Jesus through the established ministries.


To keep data of guests and members, ensure their return and functionality in the various church units, and their permanence in church.

Refined Theatre

To add fun to church through stage performances centred around the message of Jesus.


To attend to issues of professional demands with their wealth of experiences and skills to promote Jesus and the church.

Refined Liftpoints

To build the church at home, stand for the church at home and promote Jesus at home when the church cannot be reached.


To make Jesus popular through the activities of the church in prints, invitingly and strategically displayed for the public and the members of the church.


To attend to our guests and members beyond the walls of the church and extend the care of the church and love of Jesus to the irregulars.

Aids & Hospitality

To give audience, solution and help to the needy and promote Jesus and the church via benevolent gestures.


To the bring hope to the mentally, emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually downcast via useful and practicable words of lifting.

Ladies of Virtue

To serve our special guests and members with all sense of decorum and give them a feel of uniqueness.


To ensure the correctness, success and maximal utilization of all church literatures.


To aid the digitalization of the Gospel and ensure the consistency of the Church Radio and Television Ministries.


To check and maintain the church vehicles, organize for transportation means and ensure the road safety of our guests and members to and from church.


To set the table and engage in the services of the symbolic bread and wine when necessary.

Engineering & Technicals

To check and ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity, light(s) and sound(s) during service, and at any needed time.

Beautification & Decoration

To make church visually impressive, appealing and habitable via costuming and decorations.