The Force of Faith (Part 2) – Daddy-Ken A. Bitere

The Force of Faith (Part 2) - Daddy-Ken A. Bitere
Welcome to another Sunday of Worship and the continuation of the series “The Force of Faith”. We hope that this teaching will bless you tremendously. Enjoy Jesus!!
In the old testament, faith was based on things and was only to be validated by the SUBSTANCE (Greek – hupostasis). The substance is a person and whatever constitutes faith was going to base on the *death, burial and resurrection* of the person which was then in the future.
Since faith was yet not a person in the old testament, the people then had need to bring faith (Hebrew – aman) to collect what God had done. That faith was agreement with what God says or the word of God through His prophets. But in the new testament, the believer does not need to agree with God’s word by way of saying AMEN because God’s word which is Faith lives in the believer so the believer acts or manifests Faith. The believer’s salvation was the work of Faith received from the Word spoken and received, 2 Timothy 3:15.
Nothing can be received by Faith for a man who does not have Faith. It is noteworthy that God does not give anything to a man who does not have faith in God and so Faith cannot offer anything to a man who has not received Faith, Hebrews 4:2-3. However, the absence of faith can still offer a man something via struggle. But that is not the life designed by God for the believer. The idea of God is to offer to man everything for free beginning from salvation, Romans 8:32, James 1:5. The challenge about Faith is that He cannot be found in a man that does not believe the Word even if the man hears the Word because Faith is the product or content of the Word, Romans 10:17. Faith received then becomes active and creative only when it is acknowledged, Philemon 1:6. The force of Faith is based on the knowledge of the believer. It is the knowledge of the believer that determines how the believer communicates Faith and then, the good things in Faith become profitable to the believer. The exact way to communicate Faith is via the way it is received which is the Word. When the Word is correctly communicated, Faith is activated to do even the impossible and be validated, Romans 4:17, Ezekiel 37. Every good thing of necessity is in Christ in the believer in the package of Faith, Philemon 1:6. Faith, therefore, is not a thing, but a person in whom all things are found, Hebrews 11:1, Mark 11:23-24. A believer doubting the generosity of God has no Faith and is yet not a believer because what makes a believer is Faith.
Thank you for your time. Hope you were blessed today? Please feel free to drop your questions and remember to join us in our Word Afresh Service on Wednesday @5pm for the continuation of the series. We love you!

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